Ultra Liquors
“Cash Connect Capital’s interest
rate was at least 50% of what the
competitors charge."
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Cash Connect Capital - A fast, reliable cash injection that can be used for just about anything!

Our clients* can access operating capital within 24 hours to expand or grow their businesses, with flexible repayment options and affordable daily instalments directly from the cash vault. No asset security required.

Accelerate your access to cash with Cash Connect Capital – we’re here to advance your business from a place of safety, to a place of growth.

Cash Connect Capital is exclusively for Cash Connect customers. Switch to Cash Connect to become a customer.


Funds within 24 hours

1 Hour

Approval in 1 hour &
funds in 24 hours

Daily cash instalments

Daily instalments

Directly from your
cash vault

No asset security


Choose your repayment
term & value

No asset security

Unsecured Funds

No asset cover


Funds within 24 hours

If you’re a Cash Connect customer*, complete the easy online registration process

Daily installments

Choose your desired capital amount and repayment period

No asset security

On approval, the funds will reflect in your bank account in 24 hours

Israel Penyane

Total Palm Springs (Owner)
“I could not believe the efficiency from Cash Connect when I made use of their growth capital offering. I needed a loan for my business to buy stock for the upcoming festive season, but the amount of run around and effort to gather supporting documents was frustrating. Thanks to Cash Connect Capital, I received the funds within 24 hours and I can now buy my extra stock!”


Ilche Ristevski

Ultra Liquors (Owner)
“Cash Connect Capital’s interest rate was at least 50% of what the competitors charge. This growth capital boost improved my buying power, increased my profits and so much more.”


Freddie Hill

Reitz Spar
“With Cash Connect Capital, accessing growth capital was a great experience. Fast service, with no elaborate administrative processes. Thanks for fast and efficient access to a capital injection and for enhancing my operational activities.”


If you are a Cash Connect customer, you may qualify for capital based on your financial performance*. For more info, please contact your dedicated Account Manager.

If you’re not a customer of Cash Connect yet, don’t delay and make the switch. Simply contact us on 0861 FUNDED or email us at

* Only available to pre-selected Cash Connect customers


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What is a business loan?

A business loan is funding required for business purposes, for example, working capital. All loans involves the creation of debt, which will be repaid over a specified period of time with added interest.

What are the different types of business finance options available to retail businesses?

There are a number of different types of business loans, with the most common loans like bank loans, asset-based financing, invoice financing, business cash advances and cash flow loans, to name a few.

Retail businesses however, are heavily reliant on cash flow, whether it is for refrigeration repairs, store renovations, expanding the trading space, or buying bulk stock at discounted prices. With this in mind, Cash Connect introduced an unsecured business finance product, called Cash Connect Capital which provides retailers with a cash injection within 24 hours – a business finance solution that is fast, flexible and hassle-free, and does not require any asset security.

With Cash Connect, pre-selected clients are already approved for business capital based on their track record.

What types of funding am I able to get from Cash Connect Capital?

Cash Connect Capital offers retailers short term, business finance. This unsecured business loan is released within just 24 hours and is the perfect solution to be used for growth funding. Clients enjoy affordable, daily instalments and the benefit of flexibility by choosing their desired repayment period.

How can I grow my business?

In a retail business, cash flow is paramount. While cash is king, Cash Connect provides retailers with unsecured business finance in just 24 hours. Retailers now have access to working capital, to capitalise on business opportunities to grow and expand, like increasing stock levels or purchasing bulk stock at discounted rates, or opening a new store, or paying off a shareholder’s loan, for example.

CashConnect App
Get Instant Access to your cash and
apply for funding to grow your business
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